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The Timber Railway

The First Timber Railway

Shortly after the construction of the WLR, and before completion of the WLR's wagon, enquiries were made about the possibility of moving a load of timber from the front drive to the patio. The WLR management agreed to build a temporary line for this purpose, and to accelerate the completion of their wagon for use on the timber railway.

The railway was built using 25mm x 50mm rectangular hollow section steel, resting in sleepers made from 3" x 3" fence posts with 25mm wide slots cut into them to take the rail.

Timber railway - slate load 1

Some slate being moved on the part-built timber railway to make way for completion.

Timber railway - slate load 2

Note the absence of a top for the wagon at this stage.

Timber railway construction 1

The timber railway now extended as far as the pile of logs - note the 'top' for the wagon under construction on the right.

Timber railway load 1

The first load - note the unfinshed state of the wagon top - only one piece of ironwork, the rest held together by nails. Yes, it was raining.

Timber railway load 2

Another load of timber ready to descend the incline.

Timber railway load 3

Ready for unloading - the bottom of the incline. Four wagon loads of timber were moved in total.

The Second Timber Railway

The second timber railway included an extension along the back patio to the log store - access to the extension being via a somewhat rudimentary sector plate

The following photos are stills taken from a video of the railway produced by a local film producer. Thanks John!

With traffic on the parent WLR still very light, it was the need for a second timber railway which finally prompted the chief engineer to complete the WLR's wagon.

Timber railway 2 wagon

The final two panels are being added to the top.

Timber railway 2 no load

The second timber railway complete, however no sign of any timber yet.

Timber railway 2 sector plate

This, and the following images, show the sector plate connecting the incline with the patio.

Timber railway 2 sector plate

Timber railway 2 sector plate

Timber railway 2 sector plate

Timber railway 2 sector plate

Timber railway 2 sector plate

The timber didn't arrive until a few days later - four wagon loads of timber were moved in total.

The Third Timber Railway

No photos exist of the third timber railway, but it was built on similar lines to the second, and again four wagon loads of timber were moved.

The Fourth Timber Railway

The fourth timber railway didn't use the sector plate, and wasn't extended along the drive. Seven wagon loads of timber were moved.

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